Sacsayhuaman | Q'enko

A powerful day in the most beautiful portals in Cusco.
Sacsayhuaman Q'enko Tambomachay Puca Pucara

Inka Temples in Cusco

Visit the most important Inca temples in Cusco
Apu Salkantay and Humantay Lake

Apu Salkantay The Wild Mtn.

A 2-day tour to Humantay Lake and Apu Salkantay
Apu Veronica

Apu Veronica Journey

Amazing Wachuma / Mushroom 2 day journey in Ollantaytambo

The Soulie Path

Marvelous Route to Machu Picchu from Santa Teresa 3d
Pisac Complex

Pisac Town and Complex

A Wonderful Wachuma Tour in this powerful complex

Machu Picchu

Experience the gentle Wachuma in a perfect state
Apu Ausangate

The Great Apu Ausangate

A 3 day Experience in the heart of the Ceremony
Chinchero Complex

Chinchero 2 Urquillos

Explore the Majestic Mother Rock on the way to the Valley

Inti Punku + Ollantaytambo

Powerful Experience in the enigmatic Ollantaytambo 3d

The South Valley

Experience the other side of the Valley

Urubamba Wachuma

Experience the routes, the mountains and the forests 2d