What you gonna do with your inner self in The Sacred Valley?THE WACHUMA EXPERIENCE

The Wachuma experience is a profound voyage of self-discovery at the Sacred Valley of The Incas, located in Cusco, Peru. The program is carefully orchestrated by the Great Creator combined with ancient plant medicines, complemented by spiritual practices aimed at balancing your body, mind, soul and spirit. All ceremonies are led by The One and the Universe, by you, and us.

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Discover Nature at its Finest…from you!THE GREAT GENTLE GRANDFATHER

It is not for your Mind only but for your Heart. This wonderful cactus is a fast-growing columnar cactus that grows all along the Andes; its energy allows you to connect deeply with yourself, the entire nature and cosmos, and other spiritual dimensions. It is the invocation of the holy male mother nature, through which we can develop or awaken a more balanced awareness, most experience a profound interaction with Mother Nature and the divine dimensions around us, and have also experienced developing mental healing spirituality, as has been developing for more than 4000 years.
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What's your journey of choice?The Wachuma Experience and other Master Plants